2011 · 4 stars · mystery · paranormal

review; Doom With a View

Title: Doom With a View (Psychic Eye Mystery #7)
Author: Victoria Laurie
Pub. Date: September, 2009
Summary: Business has been frustratingly slow for Abby. She reluctantly agrees to a job with the FBI, putting her at the center of an internal political struggle between two agents. Abby’s skills and patience are tested, but when she helps them locate three college students who’ve mysteriously disappeared, they know she’s the real deal.

Her intuition says these weren’t random abductions. With her psychic eye wide open she sets out to find a kidnapper…
Genre: Cozy Mystery

Oh, Abby Cooper, I’ve missed you so!! When I read a series, I tend to space out each book rather than reading it all at once. I suppose it’s my way of savoring it? It’s been a few months since I finished the sixth book in this series, Death Perception, and I couldn’t wait to jump back into the story.

This book picks up with a case that was first introduced in the previous book, but went nowhere. Abby, a professional psychic, and her friend Candice, a PI, are aiding the FBI in the investigation of some missing teenagers. It’s believed the kidnappings are linked because the teens were all children of senators.

Given that this book didn’t take place in Abby’s hometown, some of the best characters were unfortunately absent this time. In the case of Abby’s older sister Cat, there was a brief mention in a single sentence and that was all. However, I was really excited to learn more about Candice. She was a central character in Doom With a View and I love that she’s getting more and more time in the spotlight.

Abby’s boyfriend Dutch works for the FBI (what a cool job!!). He recently got the position and now we get to meet some really awesome characters. Despite being a huge jerk for roughly 99% of the book, Agent Harrison grew on me. Can’t wait to see him again! However, I will admit I was a little disappointed that the romance was so obvious (or maybe I’m just psychic :D!). Really, though, that was a bit of a let down and, to me, wound up feeling a bit forced and thrown together.

I wasn’t completely happy with some of the previous books, but Doomed With a View sucked me back in and I can’t wait to start the next book. Toward the end, a pretty big plan was announced and I’m both nervous and excited to see how it turns out!

These books (& cozies in general!) are so incredible. So, so much fun and just the right length for a cold and rainy day.


2 thoughts on “review; Doom With a View

    1. YES!! Cozy mysteries are fantastic and everyone should read them! I like that they’re so silly and ridiculous (there’s one series I’m especially looking forward to: a farmer’s market murder series~). Perfect reading for yucky, cold, winter afternoons.

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