Teaser Tuesdays 10/18

Teaser Tuesdays is hosted by MizB at Should Be Reading.

My teaser this week comes from Brad Meltzer’s The Book of Lies. This is the first book of his I’ve ever picked up, but if it’s anything like Decoded (his awesome show on History), I think I’ll love it.

First, a summary of the book (taken from goodreads): In the archetypal homicide, Cain, a farmer, kills his brother Abel, a shepherd. The earliest account, in the fourth chapter of Genesis, lacks one telling detail: What weapon did Cain use? Two thousand years later, another murder occurs, this time in a small New York store. Shopkeeper Mitchell Siegel dies in a hail of bullets, but, like Cain’s primordial weapon, the gun has never been recovered. Of course, the violent death of a single Lithuanian immigrant has scarcely any imprint on bustling New York, but it does have a major effect on one young man, Mitchell’s teenage son, Jerry. Perhaps in an effort to exorcise that piercing event, Jerry Siegel created a bulletproof man, who became the world’s most famous superhero: Superman. In The Book of Lies, novelist/poet Brad Meltzer interlaces the story of Cain and the story behind Superman and brings them kicking and screaming into our own time.

“Cal…I need help!” Roosevelt screams.
My tenth-grade English teacher once told me that throughout your life, you should use only three exclamation points. That way, when you put one out there, people know it’s worth it. I used one of them the day my mom died. But tonight, as I sit in the van and hear the sudden panic in Roosevelt’s voice–
Across the wide patch of grass known as Victoria Park, he flicks on his flashlight. But all I see is the bright red blood on his hands. No. Please don’t let tonight be another.

And because I’m such a rebel, another!

It’s an established fact that the sense of smell is the most powerful for triggering memories. But it’s wrong. Because the moment I hear that scratchy, stumbly baritone–everyone knows their father’s voice.


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