TGIF! 9/16

TGIF at GReads is a weekly meme hosted at GReads. This weeks topic is:

Book Disappointments: Have you ever come across a book you were so stoked to read, but it failed miserably in your eyes?

This year I’ve made it a point to open myself up to more authors & genres I normally wouldn’t give a second glance. While this has been an incredible experience, there have been a few misses.

The Charlemagne Pursuit (Cotton Malone #4) by Steve Berry
I love Steve Berry. Love, love, love him. Unfortunately, this book didn’t work for me. It could have easily been half as long. There were far too many characters, way too many plots, and not nearly enough action.

Save Me by Lisa Scottoline
This was more of a case where the story started out good, but crashed & burned halfway through. Reading through the other reviews at goodreads, it’s obvious something went horribly wrong. Save Me was so, so great in the beginning… around page 200 however, it fell to pieces. This book was lauded for being so realistic, it-could-happen-to-anyone, yet what started out as a really fantastic novel quickly dissolved into a terribly unbelievable tale.

Thirteenth Child (Frontier Magic #1) by Patricia Wrede
I’ve seen this book receive such high praise from others that I’m sure I must have missed something. Perhaps it’s because I’m not a big YA reader? I wanted to like this book – and for the most part, I did! However, the main character was supposed to be 18, yet I never would have known that if it hadn’t been stated; she sounds so, so much younger. ..middle grade younger. I wanted to badly to get into this book.


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