top ten tuesday!

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s list is the Top 10 Sequels I’m Dying to Read.

A lot of these aren’t new or upcoming, but I’d like to read them all the same.

1. Crime Seen (Psychic Eye Mystery #5) by Victoria Laurie
Earlier this year I kicked off a heated love affair with cozy mysteries. This series features Abby Cooper, a psychic-turned-detective. It’s crazy and fun and I love it.

2. Spell Bound (Hex Hall #3) by Rachel Hawkins
It came as a huge, huge shock to me that I liked this series! I’m not normally one for YA, even moreso when it comes to paranormal YA. But there was something about this series that completely sucked me in. Both of the two books out so far I devoured in an afternoon.

3. The Emperor’s Tomb (Cotton Malone #6) by Steve Berry
Do I have to read the series in order? I briefly mentioned Mr. Berry in another post recently. I love that man. I came across him totally on accident and haven’t looked back. When I first began reading his Cotton Malone series, I don’t think I read a single one in the order they were supposed to be in (for the most part, this didn’t have any affect on the story, although it came as quite a shock to me when I read The Jefferson Key & two of the characters were involved in a serious relationship).

4. The President’s Vampire (Nathaniel Cade #2) by Christopher Farnsworth
Blood Oath‘s premise was so completely bonkers that I just had to read it: President Jackson had Nathaniel Cade – a newly-turned vampire – enter into a blood oath whereby he would become the protector of the President of the United States. 140 years later he’s still at it.

5. The Well of Lost Plots (Thursday Next #3) by Jasper Fforde
Oh, Jasper Fforde. When we first met we didn’t hit it off. It wasn’t you, it wasn’t me. It simply wasn’t the right time for us. But then. Oh, but then we became reacquainted last year and the world has been a brighter place.

6. The Chronicles of Chrestomanci Vol. III (Chrestomanci #5-6) by Diana Wynne Jones
I had no idea this even existed until just a few months ago! In 8th grade I fell madly in love with Chrestomanci and tore through the two volumes I owned. I had assumed that was all there was until I stumbled upon the third on Goodreads recently. ♥!

7. Rumo: And His Miraculous Adventures (Zamonia #2) by Walter Moers
Another random find for me. Moers is a German author who has been likened to other authors I really enjoy & those authors led me to pick up the first book, The 13½ Lives of Captain Bluebear.

7. The Dark Glamour (666 Park Avenue #2) by Gabriella Pierce
I recently received an ARC of this! Can’t wait!

8. How Few Remain (Great War 0) by Harry Turtledove
Okay, so this probably doesn’t count. One of Turtledove’s other books, The Guns of the South was my Teaser Tuesday book this week. Harry Turtledove is one of the most prolific writers of alternate history. I have a huge interest in the Civil War. The Guns of The South describes the Confederacy’s victory after a band of time-traveling Russians deliver AK-47s to General Lee and his army. How Few Remain also deals with the South’s win, though that book relies on historical facts.

9. Homunculus 09 by Hideo Yamamoto

…and that’s all I can think of at the moment. Apparently I don’t read enough series.


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